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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Devil Farts in my Face - Yet Again.

 Welcome to Wednesday. Hump Day. It's time for me to review what I have accomplished so far this week, formulating my plan of attack for the next few days and trying not to succumb to the niggling wave of dread lurking in the corner.
I am so far behind!
I have been struggling (with the help of my Dearheart) to set up my new computer with my favourite programs and transfer my existing files. It is now day three. All hope has has not yet been abandoned... yet. But the frustration is certainly becoming entrenched.
Many of you will know my love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with computer technology. Maybe I am getting old? Maybe it is my inner control freak? I hate being told what to do by computers. Skynet can get stuffed!
It all began, months ago, when my trusty Toshiba fell (got knocked) to the floor. She has been brave, limping toward the day of reckoning. The first symptoms were internet drop out. We thought it was the router box - but two faulty router boxes?
Then she decided to drop widgets off Wordpress. Updates for plug-ins failed, forcing me to manually share my posts to other social media.  Then my website provider decided to join in the fun.
When an obliging computer sale surfaced, I purchased a new Toshiba (my previous one lasted almost ten years - but she had taken a swan dive.)
Since then I have been hampered by one hurdle after another. First there was the mandatory backup onto external drive. I waited twenty four hours. It didn't like some of my saved file names. While we attempted direct file transfer, I was yet again effectively banished from my computer. Another twenty four hours. I am currently typing on my old computer, while my nice new, sleek Toshiba chugs away beside me - 67% complete on transferring the files successfully downloaded to my external hard drive.
She is slow; her keys are sticking. I am struggling to type in my blog post (which I hand wrote while waiting for the computer to wake up).
File transfer: 68% complete. I am behind. Way behind.  I have some hard decisions to make if I am going to get The Department of Curiosities out by the end of the year...

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