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Friday, May 27, 2016

Photo Friday: Renaissance Fencing

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If you like Renaissance fencing, check out Andrew Kenner's latest edition of his book, I33: Fencing in the Style of the Walpurgis Manuscript. The second edition (with revisions and corrections) is now available in both a black and white paperback version and a colour hard cover version. The first edition was published in 2014. 
Andrew Kenner is a historical re-enactor and an accomplished renaissance rapier fighter, interested in historical fighting styles. In 2013, he decided to write a book.
Andrew studied the original Walpurgis Manual (MS I.33), a German fencing manual dating back to the 1320s. The original is currently held at the Leeds Royal Armoury. He spent months recreating the style and wrote a manual, with diagrams and photographs, to explain his findings.
I attended the photoshoot for the book and was commissioned to do the artwork.


  gawler church round window13 02  gawler church cathy and steve13 02
   gawler church window13 02  gawler church door photo13 02
gawler william 1302

Research and Final Artwork

   Ch1 Ch3 Ch4 Ch6

The Published Book

 DSC_3824 book
You can find Andrew's author page at LuLu (now available in hardcover). The first edition (2014) is currently available as paperback, via Amazon.
Photos and artwork (c) 2016 Karen Carlisle.
All rights reserved.

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