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Friday, May 13, 2016

Photo Friday: Steampunk

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What a week!
Thursday was the Pop-Up Opening Night for Dressing Up Exhibition, part of History SA's contribution to South Australia's History Festival this month. (Boy, what a mouthful.)
BACKGROUND PIC - Copy 4opennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle
Being a long-term costumer and re-enactor, I was intrigued by the vintage accessories and costumes, including a dress worn by Julie Anthony and an exquisite 1920s wedding dress with feathered detailing.
icon 5opennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle georgeopennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle - Copy
 1920sweddingdress_copyright2016KarenCarlisle  luggageopennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle
Other groups came in traditional costume:
3opennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle - Copy
A group of Steampunk SA members came along in costume to help promote my talk on the Sunday.
    catherineopennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle - Copy 1_opennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle - Copy (2) back_opennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle - Copy
8opennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle - Copy (2) group2_copyright2016KarenCarlisle
group_opennight_copyright2016KarenCarlisle - Copy
Sunday morning we braved road closures, football parking restrictions and Mothers' Day Fun Run stragglers to present my talk on Exploring Steampunk - my first 'general public' speaking engagement (cue stage fright!). Thanks to Catherine Curl and David for taking some photos on the day.exploring steampunk_photo_copyright2016DCarlisle - Copy (2)
rui melissa2 phtoKarenCarlisle
There was a man in the moon, ready for photo opportunities:
  photoCatherinecurl2016 gerald_copyright2016KarenCarlisle
Thanks to Gerald, David, Catherine and Dee for being live mannequins, showing a variation of steampunk styles.gerald buttfield catherine dee jones david
This week's Photo Friday ends with a photo of a photo being developed of me and my Dearheart. A big treat for me - a sitting for a tin type photograph with local photographer and artist, Andrew Dearman. He showed me the process; I watched the image appear before my eyes (reminding me of black and white photography done at school, only on metal! I'd done the research but now I have seen the process first hand).
No wonder it was once called the black arts.
Photos: © 2016 Karen J Carlisle, © 2016 Catherine Curl,
 © 2016 Pauline Cockrill,© 2016 David Carlisle
All rights reserved.

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