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Friday, June 2, 2017

Photo Friday: Updates, Surprises and Fortuitous Finds.

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A few weeks ago I had a fall and damaged my spectacles. Since then, my anxiety levels had been escalating; just contemplating returning to an optometrist was bringing on palpitations. (It had been three years since I had  new specs and my vision had changed - due to avoidance. ) But I defied the Black Dog and collected my new pair yesterday. (Thank you to my Dearheart for providing emotional support.) Huzzah. I can read comfortabley (and breathe) again.
On a happier note: This was delivered this week. We'd found a discrepancy in a pack of pretzels (nothing horrendous, just some cooked dough that had bypassed the production line).  Thank you Smiths for a lovely surprise.
This week's opshop treasures include some Nerf guns and a 'fart blaster' - all destined for steampunking up for future costume projects - and a book on Early Settlers' Household Lore, with hints and recipes from 19th century Australian sources (perfect to add to my research pile for an upcoming writing project.)
I have a new photo app now I have my phone back in one piece - so I've been tinkering.
And lastly, I've been making some new signs for future events.

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