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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Photo Friday: Nullus Anxietas VI - Australian Discworld Con, 2017

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Nullus Anxietas is the bi-annual Australian Discworld convention. The last I attended was in 2009, where I won a seat at the Galah dinner table with Sir Terry himself.
This year it was held in Adelaide (so I could afford to go again!). We celebrated all things Terry and Discworld and passed the hat to the next con in Melbourne, 2019.
I volunteered for the Press Corpse, taking stills and videos over the weekend. You will be able to find more photos on the Nullus Anxietas VI Flickr page.
Here are some of the pics.
What duck? was one of the stamps we collected in our passports. (I was two off collecting the set!) Find the hidden duck, photograph it on your head and hide it in a different room...
Magrat and the Klub table. The convention drink - The Procrastinator - was very popular.
Workshops and Panels:
I did a workshop - Write Your Own Discworld Story. We came up with a fun story. I'm hoping some of the attendees will write it and send me a copy (hint, hint) and I will send them to the Nullus Anxietas committee...
On Sunday Ula and I did a panel on Steampunk / Steampunk in Discworld. You can watch the panel HERE.
My favourite workshop was Martin Pearson's song writing workshop. (My verse on Uberwald parcels made the cut... squee!) You can hear Martin's song, The Moist von Lipwig Song, in the closing ceremony video.
There were fantastic costumes...
and the Vaudeville de Masquerade entrants.
Closing ceremony
Stephen Briggs was one of our guests (and holder of a secret stamp) You can watch his interview on my youtube channel.
and a teary homage to Sir Terry Pratchett...
My videos from the convention are available on my youTube channel, and will be on the Nullus Anxietas VI youTube channel.

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