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Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Eulogy for Curry.

Sitting at home. Feeling sorry for myself. Not straying too far from the toilet or the sick dish.

I had a great time at D&D last night. We had a successful run, freed some slaves and I went up a level.  I laughed, relaxed and forgot about my work stresses.

Our gaming group alternate houses. Dinner is supplied, so we can play on til late. This week we drove up to the Adelaide Hills. A perfect day. A glorious drive. My friend tried valiantly to make dinner for the seven (to ten) of us. This is not an easy task; it has to allow for food allergies, lactose intolerance, diabetes. She make a delicious curry anything. With each visit, she drastically cuts the curry content to almost nil, so I can eat it.

It was delicious. I went back for seconds.  Was that my downfall?

A few years ago, I suffered from an extreme bout of gastro. It took over three weeks to recover. I was left with a glass stomach; no longer can I enjoy the cacophony of flavours provided by a curry, taste the delicious heat in Mexican spices or even add too much garlic to the pot. (I love garlic.)

I fear this could be more than an irritation to spice. It is possible I have developed an allergy to a particular spice – that is in curry, BBQ chips (argh) and some other spice combinations.  So far cumin seems safe.

Last night nausea swept over me. My stomach was rough.  It was a cool night, yet I threw off the doona and sweated it out.  I dreamt of skiing and ice-skating all night, but I was the one in a tank top and shorts.

I think I may have to give up curry altogther.  I weep for my taste buds.

winter brain

A Eulogy for Curry.

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