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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Of Pain, Writers' Block and Procrastination.

The past week has been fraught with obstacles. Procrastination has not helped.

It started with an emergency dental appointment. I phoned my dentist begging for an appointment, as I was in extreme agony after another round of stress and teeth gritting (non-writing related). He squeezed me in, removed the loose filling and found a crack in the tooth. I now have a temporary filling and much, much less agonising pain – though there is lingering referrals down both arms. Time to kick myself and get to work.

The painkillers had not been helpful when it came to my writing. My brain did not want to engage. I procrastinated. I fuddled. I watched several (really bad) television shows (what a waste of time!) I vaguely remember trying to pen the second scene of Chapter 9. I read my muddle-headed effort; I realised that it was not only utter crap, but I had written myself into a corner. I may be able to save the odd phrase but I fear most of it is for the scrapheap.

I am now off the medication and have found my motivation. Finally! Yet I sit staring at the computer screen. My mind is blank. (deja vu) I try to avoid the bleeps trying to pull my attention away from the task at hand.

Two cups of tea.
I write a list of what ifs…
A hot chocolate.
I write this blog to get me back into the swing.
I pull out my exercise book, my pen and start doodling.
Then it comes to me…

I hope it is not more crap.

Of Pain, Writers' Block and Procrastination.

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