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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Of Projects - The Long and the Short.

Yesterday was my  birthday. I was home alone; I had no one to answer to. I could decide to do whatever I wished. I decided to drink tea, eat chocolate, listen to my new The Cog is Dead CD, and write. The most difficult decision was what to write.

I have a few projects on the go right now:

  • The Day of the Dirigible, part of The Adventures of Viola Stewart series. This short story is a prequel to Doctor Jack. It is the first story in  a collection of steampunk short stories based on a character – Viola Stewart. She is a Victorian era oculist/optician (women were not yet allowed to practice as doctors).  I am currently doing final rewrites.

  • My second Adventures of Viola Stewart work-in-progress is Doctor Jack. It is currently a 35K word first draft novella. Jack is a darker steampunk story – more of an alternative history. This is now in the hands of my first beta reader and will be heading into the first round of rewrites.

  • The Department of Curiosities. This is a novel length WIP manuscript . Currently, the first draft is just over 46K – 54% complete! This is a steampunk novel with considerably more intrigue. We meet Miss Mathilda (Tillie) Meriwether as she joins The Department of Curiosities.

  • My final (current) WIP is The Wizard of St Pauls (name to be confirmed). This is a gaslamp/paranormal steampunk novella. I am only jotting down ideas and a possible outline  for The Wizard, as this is earmarked for NaNoWriMo in November. I can’t start the actual manuscript until November 1st.

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birthday stash 2014smI think another cup of tea is in order. Then I get dinner and chocolate cake (and maybe a movie) with the family. My day is set. Enjoy your day.

Right: Some of my birthday pressies: all the fun things, including a Monty Python sketch birthday card, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Shakespeare, octopuses, steampunk – The Cog is Dead.

The Department of Curiosities – Manuscript Word Progress: (54.2% first draft)

Total Words:  At 1st draft only:Revised Words: 

Of Projects - The Long and the Short.

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