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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Of Privacy, Facebook changes and Link Updates

Greetings all,

I am sure many of us have had those social media moments, where you just felt a little scared. If not, I am glad. It is not pleasant when it occurs. Following a few privacy issues, early last year I decided to set up a ‘professional’ FB page.  I was confronted with having to pick a URL name to present to the world. Initially, I was focusing mainly on my art and photography and was dabbling in my return to writing.

I was excited. I wanted a fancy-shmancy name. I piked out and went with Karen Carlisle Creations -something that would be easier to register if I ever needed to, something that could encompass the writing. My original blog was ‘Off the Artboard’ – great for the art but not indicative of the writing.

Over the past eighteen months, I have gravitated to my first love – writing. I still dabble in the art and photography (a new T shirt has just gone up for sale), but the writing has taken over. My childhood dream of being a published-author – a little old lady with grey braids, writing every day – could one day be a reality.

I had planned to go back and take advantage of the ‘one change’ Facebook would allow to the Page URL. I kept forgetting and procrastinating.  I have been reminded recently that I should do something about it. I have had a few FB friend requests to my private FB account. Though I had linked my blog webpage and twitter to my ‘professional page’, it seems my new friends had done a search and found my private account.

Sadly, I had to send a message I could not to friend them back on my private page. (I rarely friend people I have not personally met – and then it is usually only after we have got to know each other well.) I asked each person to follow my writer page. I hope they understand my desire to keep my family life private. I fear I have lost a few potential new friends and many engaging conversations.

I have spent the past few months, changing my writing pages, including my banner on Facebook, and social media to Karen J Carlisle to make it easier to separate my private and writing personas. But I had left my FB page URL as it was. (How could I be so slack?)

Today I have remedied this. I have taken the once-only opportunity to change the facebook URL. The page is the same. The new address is now: https://www.facebook.com/KarenJCarlisle.


Please update your links. I have spent the day updating as many links I can find through social media. (This could take a while). If you see any I have missed, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

I thank those of you that have brought this to my attention and kicked me into action. I hope it makes it easier for you to find me.


Of Privacy, Facebook changes and Link Updates

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