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Friday, October 28, 2016

Photo Friday: Costume Catch Up/Inktober

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I haven't had time to sew for a long time. This month I've tried to catch up on a few projects. Last week I showed you the beginnings of my new steampunked gun. This week I've been helping my daughter with her latest costume.
 john-tshirt2 john-tshirt shoes-john20161 shoes-john20162
And catching up on clothing bits. I've finished an upcycling project for the weekend, creating new 'work' skirt from and old one I would otherwise not wear again. A shorter skirt is now a long skirt, after making a new skirt top and adding the original skirt on the bottom.
 exopshopskirt_oldworkupdate20161 exopshopskirt_oldworkupdate20162b exopshopskirt_oldworkupdate20163 exopshopskirt_oldworkupdate2016
More pics to follow after Halloween Con this weekend.
And a few pics from this week's #inktober project:
 day-19-flight-copyright-2016-karencarlisle day-20_copyright2016karencarlisle day23_slow_copyright2016karencarlisle day24-one-dozen_copyright2016karencarlisle
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