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Friday, October 7, 2016

Photo Friday - Inktober 2016 update

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Iday-1-candle-on-tablenktober is in full swing. I really need practice on my proportions and shading. It has just been too long since I last picked up my nib pen. Sigh.
Here's a rundown of this weeks ink drawings (with a special request for Henry Collins, by my friend Sharon).
I started with a thin ink pen, and did a quick pic of one of our candles (as we had a black out) but remembered why I prefer a nib, which gives better control over varying thickness (and it swoops beautifully over the paper).
This week I concentrated on characters from my books and some steampunk ringins...
Day 2: Viola Stewart:

Day 3: Doctor Jack, Day 4: Henry Collins (my favourite for the week), Day 5: a steampunk friend (loved the pipe)
day-3-doctor-jack_copyright2016karencarlisle day-4-henry-collins-for-sharon_copyright2016karencarlisle day-5-pipe_copyrhgit2016karencarlisle
Day 6: Inspired by Eye of the Beholder: day-6-cleonopencil_copyright2016karencarlisle
Art and Photos:©2016 Karen J Carlisle.
All Rights Reserved.

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