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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Escaping Reality.

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I've been putting off writing today's blog post. So much has happened over the past week. My mind is still reeling. There's been a lot of contemplation on serious and soul-searching subjects. We need a reprieve.
On Friday, I posted photographs of my garden. I needed cheering up. Today, I just wanted to post pictures of lovable fluffy kittens and puppies to cheer everyone else up.
I thought of writing about how social media and celebrity has fashioned our mindset and is taking over our lives, even to the point the US now has a 'media celebrity' as their Presidential-elect. But that resulted in frustration and more anxiety.
I thought about writing a post on how the state of political and economical affairs of the world influence the type of books we read and movies we watch. In the post war-Depression, musicals helped people escape. In the 70s we escaped with Star Wars. In the high-flying early 80s, we preferred realism, like Kramer vs Kramer. In more recent times of instability, we have returned to fantasy movies and books, as the popularity of vampire novels and superhero movies attest. As the economy continues to slide, the popularity of dystopian fantasy/science fiction is waning. It it because it seems too close to our potential future?
We need escapism. We need a hero, like The Doctor or Wonder Woman. We don't need to be reminded of real life.
We know what that's like.
I reached for another square of chocolate. All gone. My back muscles tensed. No, instead, I'll repost a very short fantasy story - a 100-word challenge I wrote back in 2013. A whimsical one. We could all use a little whimsy in our lives right now.
(And I ended up posting about cats any way.)


by Karen Carlisle. © 2013
“That damned cat!” There was a blur of black under Mum’s feet. “It just appears out of nowhere.”
Binky now sat cleaning himself. Watching.
“He is always watching,” she said as she rubbed her ankle. “No doubt, smiling at his handiwork.” She glanced in his direction. The spot was now vacant.
“See! Maybe he has gone off to report back to the alien mothership?” Mum grinned mischievously.
I found Binky in my bedroom, staring into the air and mewing. The air shimmered before him, revealing a feline hologram that listened intently. It disappeared. I gasped. Binky winked.
“Ssh, our secret.”
Hugs to you all.

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