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Friday, November 4, 2016

Photo Friday: Inktober wrap up

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Well, Inktober's finished for another year. Unfortunately, I didn't complete all the daily drawings due to migraines and all-day events. I suspected that might happen, as the past few months have been difficult stress and health-wise. So why did I bother?
Inktober provides many benefits to both me - and you, my readers. It pushes me to flex my drawing muscles (they don't get enough time to shine these days) and kicks my visual creative juices in gear. It allows my writing-brain to have a rest before the writing sprints of November's NaNoWriMo.(Though it still bubbles away, often resulting in some ideas to use for future stories.) As an added bonus, I often delve back into my unfinished pile of sewing projects. And this year, it spawned two new t-shirts, now available from my Redbubble store.
It was a pleasure to discover some highly imaginative artwork - some things I had never dreamed of - and meet some new artists in the process.
Here are just a few of my pieces from this year:

 day-13-scared_copyright2016karencarlislesmaller day-16-wet_copyright2016karencarlisle
day-6-cleonopencil_copyright2016karencarlisle day-4-henry-collins-for-sharon_copyright2016karencarlisle
day-20_copyright2016karencarlisle day-27-creepy-copyright2016karencarlisle
I am grateful to get the opportunity to rev up a different part of my 'creative brain'. and really need to find more time to draw.
You can find all of my drawings on my Inktober Pinterest page.
Art and Photos:©2016 Karen J Carlisle. All Rights Reserved.

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