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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Burnside LibCon17

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Yesterday the Burnside Library held its first LibCon inJuly, 2017, with indie artists, comic book creators, Jess Cate and  Jana Hoffman,
and local indie authors: Matt Pike, KE Fraser, Kylie Leane, Aprille Legacy and myself.
You can find out more about local South Australian Indie Writers at our FB page - facebook.com/SAIndieAuthors/
The library livestreamed talks by local artists and authors. You can view them on Burnside Library's FB page Here are the links:
South Australian Doctor Who Club, Tintin, Star Trek USS Mawson and 501st, represented some of the local fan groups in Adelaide.
Here's a peek at the indie/fan club alley:

Thanks to everyone who stopped by my table for a chat, or to buy a book (or both). It was lovely meeting you.

Video/Photographs ©2017 Karen Carlisle. All rights reserved.

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