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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inspirations this week

It has been a funny week. I have been battling an 'almost migraine' all week... but through the sickening pain, I have had some out-of-the-blue ideas for some artwork and writing. I have a germ of an idea for a steampunk story/novel set a bit earlier than is the 'traditional' Victoriana setting. Currently, I am doing some fact checking for some historical references; I have written down some ideas and will see if this grows into something more.

While doodling, I did a quick pencil sketch with quite pleasing curves so I decided to ink it up. I am reasonably happy with this one which seemed to flow from the pen, so easily...

My inspiration was actually Marie Antionette with the tall, white wigs and the beauty spot (the Octopus has a mirrored beauty spot too). I was reminded of the outrageous wigs that were reported: with actual bird's nests and model ships. I even read about one that had a model ship that had working cannons! So adding an octopus, in place of a wig, did not actually seem that outrageous.  Maybe it would also help to keep the all-pervasive lice numbers down (that were common in that era); yet again the octopus is a helpful friend to those in need!

Colours? The wigs were often powdered, pale whites, pinks etc. So I was thinking pale whites with pinks and maybe a touch of red for the 'octo-wig'. Back to GIMP and learning how to add highlights, this time. I would really love a Wacom Cintiq to do this but really can't afford that right now so am researching my options. My wrist is not happy with using a mouse to 'draw' on the computer.

Opinions sort: I did the first with pale pink to mimic the wigs, but it was too pale. The second is blue which I think contrasts better with the face. It is obviously a girly pic, so I wanted to keep it pale. What do you think?
In the end, I decided to use the blue one, as there was more contrast with the face. I think the pink was just too pale, especially if it was on a white t-shirt. You can find #5 in Octopus/Kraken series: Marie Octonette at Redbubble.

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