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Monday, March 4, 2013

Killing writer's block... hopefully

For the past month (almost two), I have been concentrating on my photography and inkwork; I did not want to admit that I have been suffering from a writing dry spell. I knew where I wanted to go but did not know how to get there. I have a short story on the boil as well as the bane of many writers - 'that novel'. I also have a kernel of an idea for another short story pushing in... but I wanted to finish the other one first! By concentrating on other creative areas, I was hoping the prose would bubble away in my subconscious, mulling over and eventually something useful would percolate through.

I remember some good advice I was given: Practice writing. Try to write or read 1000 words a day even if you don't ever use it, even if you don't like it - just practice! So when I can't push out 1000 words of prose, I read... and read... Now you know one of the secrets behind my creating Off the Artboard; I am trying to write something here every day:
Finding something for you to read, gives me practice at stringing words together in a ramble that might actually be informative, interesting and maybe even entertaining (one can hope), while forcing my brain to behave and produce something I can use in my writing, as well.

And it has worked! All this week, I have been hearing a small voice, gaining in strength, developing its own accent, its own voice... Last night, I was so tired. I just wanted to lay my head down and sink into blisfull oblivion but there was this character knocking on my forehead demanding to be let out. A hour later, I finally put down my pen and sank into my pillow! He is a grumpy fellow. Understandable given his circumstances, yet hopefully he will be loved once people get to know him. I think he will be one of my favourite characters... even if he hates fish!
(still don't know exactly how to get where I want to go, but am having fun discovering some characters, while I am working it out).

Now that I have stated some of my alternative objectives for writing this blog, I have no choice but to be diligent and practice. Luckily I can rave on about how much I love creating things... now if only they will behave and introduce themselves to me in a timely and orderly fashion. I would be very grateful.

425 words down...
and a I also took a gratuitous photo of my notes... cos people like pretty pics...
ha! 441 words...

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