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Friday, March 8, 2013

Wibbly Wobbly Octopussy t-shirty stuff

I must admit, I am a fan of octopi, especially when associated with steampunk or Victoriana. I love the freeform curves created by the undulating limbs and the wildness of it all.. Heck, I just think they look cool! (I also love the combination of Italian structured gardens with the wildness of cottage gardens and the curvey/ freeform styles of 1500's calligraphy over the rigid, squared off Gothic forms. More insight into my pyche - maybe they are all in someway related) This possibly also goes back to fantastic and adventurous Captain Nemo and kraken stories! I have been planning ideas, for Steampunk costumes and t shirts for a while now.   I  have a steampunk scout Mistress costume that has a badge in Kraken Catching. (amongst other things)

Well, that is my excuse...

In the past, I have searched for steampunk t shirts for women and got very frustrated. Most are in men's t-shirt styles. Let's just say that a babydoll/women's cut t-shirt is much more flattering than a men's T, on most women. When I do find one, it is not in my size. There have been more appearing, in the past couple of months... but one can never have enough Steampunk! 

I now have a series of octopussy t shirts planned.... this is my first one:

This week, I stopped the planning (ie. procrastinating) and started the execution: This Octopus image - an alien-chest busting octopus!  I did some research on Victorian-style diving suits and masks, and what the 'underneath' of an octopus looked like.. and started the layout sketch. I changed the octopus limb and diver's hand positions a few times, then inked up the image. 
and the final image: Octopus/Kraken Series #1: Kraken Chestbuster!: 
because, In the Deep, No one can hear you Gurgle

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