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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nightmare Muses

As a child I had two recurring nightmares. Both we were set in a dark space with nothing visible but the object of the dream. Both were strange and probably say something about my pyche; in some convoluted way they could be twisted for either good or malice, I am sure. I have had not had them for decades, so whatever caused them must be long gone... but the memory remains. They more curious than frightening now.

In the first one, I was sitting at an old-fashioned styled bedroom dresser with a large, ornate mirror. As a child, we lived on goat dairy. (you will see why I mentioned this, soon). I had hair so long that I could sit on it. This meant that I had to spend a significant amount of time brushing it. My mum used to threatened to chop it all off, if I did not look after it. (maybe that had something to do with it). So, there I was sitting, in front of the mirror, brushing my long hair.. and then a goat would come up behind me and ate my hair.

The second was set in the same dark space, with oversized toy robots watching me ominously. (In more recent years, I re-watched The Toy Maker episode of Doctor Who - there was my dream setting! but... if that was all, it would have been boring. In my dream, there was this old fashioned television set with arms.The tv stand was replaced with very fast moving legs. Its 'rabbit ears' antennae wiggled furiously like large insect antennae. (ewww) The face of the television had large angry eyes and big gnashing teeth. It would chase me all night long.

I was doodling and all out of ideas, this week. Before I knew it, I doodled my nightmare televsion. My daughter happened to walk past and glanced over my shoulder. "That is cool! You should make it into a tshirt." she said.  Why not? So I did.

I redraw a larger version, inked it up and added colour. I did think of making one in purple but decided to stick with orange and blue. I did not want my favourite colour forever associated with one of my nightmares. (and then RB ended up putting it on a purple tshirt anyway) oh well...

So here is the inked drawing and the final tshirt, now on Redbubble.

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