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Monday, March 25, 2013

Is intelligent humour too much to ask for? (warning: some coarse language)

(Apologies to some... I don't know how to change the setting for just one post).

Drawing mojo was not happening. This has not been helped by a stressful week, last week. So, we watched a movie. The blurb had promised me a science fiction comedy. (Just what I  needed!). I love a well written, cleverly plotted out storyline that either challenges the 'little grey cells' or, in the case of a comedy, evokes a snicker (or even better - a belly laugh).  However, this was not to be. What it actually offered was boredom and crassness that was more tasteless than comedic. How many times can you call someone a 'dick', say 'shit' and f*** and think it is funny? Ten minutes discussing male masturbation is funny? Am I getting too old for what is considered humour, these days and am I wrong to lament the decline of witty writing?

Then there was the script, if you could call it that. However, it was in serious need of editing. Honestly, could it have moved any slower? My eleven year old writes better constructed and faster-paced storylines than this! Seventy minutes into the movie, and we had seen the alien three times and implied once, for a possible of ten minutes all up. Then finally we hear about the alien invasion (about time) and the story gets moving. The last twenty minutes were more interesting and faster paced than the rest of the entire movie. Even if the jokes were so drawn out that they induced boredom (You remember that kid at school that just kept milking a joke for all it was worth? Then explaining it. Then trying the same joke over and over again.... )

Instead of advancing the plot with witty, quick and intelligent gags or one-liners, every second word seemed to be an expletive and any excuse to mention reproductive body parts was used with vigour. Personally, I found it very uncomfortable and boring as hell. The only time this much swearing was ever funny was when Billy Connolly does his comedy routines. But Billy Connolly did it with style and intelligence. I shouldn't have been surprised when I later looked up the movie information and found out that Seth Rogan was one of the writers. Serves me right for not finding out more information about it before hand.

Shall I compare this movie to Cowboys vs Aliens? Though not a comedy, it had one similar feature - the aliens were not featured til well into the story. But... the editing was slicker, the script much better written and characters better developed in their relationships (and other than Clint Eastwood movies, I don't like westerns as a rule). But wait, you say, 'this is a comedy'. 'Yes', I reply. 'Since when does that mean the characters must remain one-dimensional and scenes not actually work towards furthering the plot?'.

Shall I compare this movie to Evolution? This was billed as a science fiction comedy as well. The plot advanced quickly, jokes actually served a purpose and added information and plot to the storyline (even the fart and bottom jokes). The characters were more entertaining and, though stereotypical, were more rounded in personality and didn't make me feel like I wanted to punch their lights out. 

The only forgiving quality of this 'science fiction comedy' was the soundtrack. For example: Sounds of Silence (in Spanish) and People are Strange. I don't often fast forward through a movie with such gusto, but honestly this improved the movie in my opinion.

I don't know about you, but I usually watch comedies and feel better at the end. Even such dark comedies as Death becomes Her and War of the Roses left me with a better feeling, when the movies ended. 

Won't be recommending this movie... ever...

Yibbitta, yibbitta... That's all folks.

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