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Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend is a bust, but there is always tea!

It the Monday of a long weekend here in South Australia. I had planned to do a steampunk circus photoshoot, at an unofficial gathering of friends at the Adelaide Fringe, and do some gardening. But plans change when we are looking at a record run of hot nights in March. We have already had 10 nights (in a row) where the minimum temperature did not go below 20 deg C. The was news reminding us that the record, so far, was 14 nights in a row (1890). I also found an interesting snippet - from 10th March 1935 - "the 3rd hottest March night known since records started in 1858. ugh...

Not much sleep, overheating (the air con in the bedroom is defunct right now) and the fact that I have never really acclimated to South Australian summers, means I missed out on a photoshoot I really wanted to do! The garden is getting singed and all I can do is try to stop it from dying. It is just way too hot to start digging and preparing the soil right now. 

So I started some more dooding and have a few more ideas for my Ocotopus/Kraken series and, in lieu of any really profound or vaguely funny blog post (it is just too dang hot to think atm!), here is the second t-shirt in the series: Deep Sea Ballooning.
I have also started printing out some of my artwork/photos to sell if I get a booth at an upcoming event in Adelaide... But I don't know which ones you guys would prefer to see/buy. If anyone wants to put their 2 cents in, let me know! Would people want to buy tshirts as well, or just prints? 

So while my brain is boiling in this heat, my dear hubby rummaged through the pantry and found some Black Rose T2 tea...  Ah, perfect...  The weekend may have been a bust, but let me have my teatime for the soul...


  1. I would say, t-shirts over prints. T-shirts are a lot more versatile, and more useful. Not everyone has wall space or an interest for hanging things on their walls, but lots and lots and lots of people like t-shirts. Whenever I had guests visiting in Amsterdam and we went to the open air markets, t-shirts were a lot more commonly bought than prints.

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  3. thanks. Next question- what colours? I will only be able to have a limited number due to my overheads.
    I have been suggested postcard sized prints as well.