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Friday, November 8, 2013

Book Artwork - Mischief Managed

I have written about one of my recent art commissions for an upcoming book on period fencing – in  Commissioned Art and Book Artwork Commission. Finally it is done. Things have been inked, cleaned and the cover is coloured. I did a little enhancement with the computer to add a third tone and voila!

Ch6 FINAL final cover

Watch this space for more information on the book’s publication.

TURB mine 2nd att
moustachemugArt/Photography: A little bit of fun with a photo taken by my husband (c)David Carlisle 2013

Costume Bit: with hats (left) and historical things, I was reminded of some of the hats and head wear that I have made for historical re-enactment and other costumes. This one is a linen cloth wound into a turban (similar to those popular in Florence very early 1500s). I embroidered the ends with blue silk, in  cross stitch.

Writing: Final rewrite and edit completed for short story: The Day of the Dirigible.

Book Artwork - Mischief Managed

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