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Friday, November 22, 2013

More Steampunky goodness

It has been a while since I have grumped about how much I hate doing any digital alterations on my photographic work – mainly because the computer and I definitely do not see eye to eye. It continually tries (and usually succeeds) in frustrating the life out of me! I struggle with photoshopping. This is possibly as I have drawn freehand for most of my life. I find it very awkward using a digital brush of any description.

Christmas is looming a lot faster than I had anticipated and, bronchitis or no, I am trying to finish off a Steampunk calender in time. Hence the photoshop grump. Though the photography (or concept) work is mine, I have been confirming permissions from my models for sale of the photos. I am just waiting on a couple more… This is just polite. Some of the photographs were taken specifically for the calender; others were taken at various of our steampunk events held here in Adelaide.

There is a group of like-minded steampunk and costume enthusiasts. We go under the name of Steampunk SA. You can find the group on Facebook. We have held specific photoshoots at the Botanic Gardens, the Mortlock Wing at the State Library and at the Zoo.

Why do I get permission? I did not specifically commission these photoshoots for my calender. If I had asked them specifically (or paid them as models) to do a shoot for the calender, I would already have their permission in writing. Everyone was a willing model, photos were taken in a public place and I own copyright to the photographs that I took, it is not for publicity but for simple sale. However it is common etiquette to ensure that the models are okay with me using them to be sold. They are my friends. I would prefer that it stays that way.

Just thought that was something I should put out there…

SPcalender1DaveFINALArt, photography Bits: An example of what I am doing at the moment. This is the cover to look out for. The image is currently available at Red bubble as Steampunk Library - as tshirts, hoodies, cards, prints and stickers.

Costume Bits: I have been rearranging my cupboard and have found some material (that I thought I had lost) perfect for more steampunk. Horray.

Writing Bits: another 600 words down on the novel. They have finally arrived!

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