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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Of Writing, Tea and Aching Fingers

These past few weeks have been both exhausting and exciting. Once I had recovered enough to drag myself out of bed, I tried to get some long awaiting chores done around the house. This was a fruitless exercise. Even going into the garden and pulling out a few carrots was utterly exhausting.

So I sat on the sofa and let my mind wander. I had been researching background for an idea for a steampunk story , then managed to write about 2000 words towards what I thought would be the second chapter; the first being based on a short story I had written a few months ago. After this month’s writers’ group meeting, I had a bucket-load of new ideas. Chapter 2 was no longer chapter 2 but will probably be closer to chapter 4 or 5.

The new chapter 2 is now on it’s second re-write of about 3500 words. Things are finally starting to fall in place. Who would have thought it would take a illness-addled brain to deliver the key for everything to fall into place.
So far I have:
  • Chapter 1: Of rivals, surprises and escapes. – approx 2500 – requires final rewrite and some possible additions (according to updated storyline)
  • Chapter 2: Of silks, kippers and secrets. -  3500 words – in rewrites
  • Chapter 3: The Inventor, The Department and Curiosities. – plan in progress
  • Chapter 4?:  Of trains, dirigibles and steamships. -2100 words so far (incomplete)
Summary: Ecstatic about a 8000 word count so far. Fingers feel like they will drop off. Drowning in cups of tea. Love my chiropractor!

Portrait me by David Carlisle 1310 BWArt/Photography Bits: It was suggested I get some recent portrait shots of myself. This is an ‘arty’ one.
Costume Bits: Tomorrow night I am trying to let Donna Noble to come out and play after the Supanova fail.
immersion book of steampunk
Writing Bits: What I am reading: The Immersion Book of Steampunk (paperback anthology) Editors: Gareth D Jones & Carmelo Rafala.

Of Writing, Tea and Aching Fingers

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