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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Reluctant Admissions on Social Media

I have often lamented about social media and its apparent effect on declining communication skills, the lack of etiquette and unrealistic expectations of those who follow it slavishly. Studies have shown that too much time on Facebook can be associated with increased depression, (1)(2) –  let alone trying to actually talk to someone who is eagerly texting… sometimes the person sitting right next to them. (seen it firsthand!)

Yet the internet can be an invaluable source of information at our very fingertips (if we don’t believe everything at face value, checking our facts as we were taught in high school or university). I often use its convenience to access online libraries (Just today, I found a pdf of ‘A Yearbook of Surgery 1883′  and contemporary maps – perfect  information for my novel in progress!) and museums. Just the thing when I can’t just nip over to Europe or America to check them out.

I am grumping as I am still stuck at home with bronchitis and laryngitis. I have been forbidden to talk much and instructed to rest.  This is now day 3. The only real faces I have seen is that of my immediate family; I am about to go stir crazy, starved of human interaction… except for the (talk-free) social network on the internet. Today I am glad for technology. I can talk to friends without disregarding my doctor’s advice.

Yesterday and today I was supposed to be at a work conference. I am sure they did not want me sitting in the room, my hacking cough drowning out the speaker and spreading untold nasties to all within a few metres of me. I would have had to get a lift my my Dearheart as much of the medications carry the warning: ‘May cause drowsiness. Do not operate machinery.’ I have been, as I call it, ‘not the responsible adult’. Yet another reason not to show my face in the professional arena. It could be most embarressing.

Tomorrow I had planned to don my Donna Noble costume and wonder at the myriad of costumes that showcase some of the amazing imagination and creativity of humans; instead I will have to live vicariously via photos (on said internet social networking) for the next few days. It is unlikely I will be able to attend Sunday as I have now succumbed to the ‘Attack of the Sneezes’. My Dearheart will be there both days while I am languishing in a cloud of expectorant with a barrage of medications at my beck and call.

I do hope someone posts some photos.

Art/Photography Bit: some fan art I did in 1994. (Babylon 5)

B5 2 MV3 98Costume Bit:  Since I can’t go to the Ball, as it were – here is a flashback to Fan Cons – 1998 Multiverse 3 Melbourne – our Babylon 5 costumes (made by me)

Writing Bit: rewrite of The Guest Upstairs is completed.

1. http://www.psychologicalscience.org/index.php/news/releases/facebook-is-not-such-a-good-thing-for-those-with-low-self-esteem.html

. Gutenberg University Study - https://gupea.ub.gu.se/bitstream/2077/28893/1/gupea_2077_28893_1.pdf

Reluctant Admissions on Social Media

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