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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Silence

Procrastination is my nemesis. It tempts me to put off the cleaning until another day. It distracts me from my writing. It promises fun and intrigue but only causes grief in the end. It holds me back from my potential.

It is not too difficult a task to distract me from Spring cleaning. To make it even less desirable, I know that it has unpleasant consequences for me. I am allergic to dust. I have to wear a mask just to do the dusting. I now get someone else to do it, so I can breathe in my own home. First it settles in the eyes. The rims redden and itch. Allergic exudate (gunkiness) follows and finally, as is my current woe, it makes its way to my sinuses, finally culminating in one or all of the following:
  • sinusitis – the most common
  • laryngitits – annoying and a source of amusement for my family and friends
  • bronchitis – go and lay in bed and stay away from other people. (the legacy of the familial asthma which I was lucky enough to avoid).
Today my procrastinaiton has resulted in dust bunnies the size of, well – bronchitis bringing bunnies – and ALL of the above.

This brings me to Procrastination #2. This one is not entirely of my own making. Time off for stress leave from my Day Job has meant that I have not been able to keep up with conferences. The biggest (and most expensive) one for the year starts tomorrow and concludes on Saturday. I can now kiss the registration fee goodbye.  My doctor laughed when I asked if I would able to attend. From over his metal-rimmed spectacles, he commented that I will be lucky to be better by Sunday. Drat!

Ah, Sunday. Supanova. Most likely, my Donna Noble (Doctor Who) costume will not get out to play now. If I can drag myself out (and am no longer coughing like a six-pack-a-day smoker – I do not smoke), then maybe I should cobble together a costume from Buffy the Vampire Slayer - from the episode Hush – complete with a mini whiteboard saying “When will I get my voice back?”

potcurbsidepaintWith no voice and strict instructions to rest, I can no longer complete the painting (a pot rescued from curbside rubbish)  that I had planned for today – and it is perfect painting weather. At least I can try to kick my writing procrastination in the butt.

This year I have concentrated on writing short stories, mostly in the steampunk/alternative history genre. They have been excellent practice in meeting deadlines and learning to edit.  I have developed a few characters that I have grown to love.  I have created a nefarious secret society, known as the Men in Grey, and secret intelligence and scientific societies to foil them – all in the name of the Empire.

All the while, there has been a steampunk novel bubbling away in my brain. Occasional bursts of inspiration have popped up, only to sink down to continue stewing. The forced silence, of yesterday and today, had me pondering on these ideas. Research ensued. Historical timelines and tit bits were spices added to the bubbling brew. At last an idea has coalesced and percolated to the surface.

I now officially has a steampunk novel as a ‘work in progress’.  I can defeat the Procrastination Beast. If only I can keep it as a WIP and not let it gather dust. ‘Cause now you all know how much I hate dust.

Dust. Bad.

The Silence


  1. Are you familiar with http://www.structuredprocrastination.com/ ?

  2. no, I wasn't. Will check it out. thanks