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Monday, November 4, 2013

Falling on Deaf Ears.

I was going to write some more on writing today but…

(I waited a few days to write this so it would not be too ranty)

Every time I buy a tshirt online, I search through previously purchased tees to confirm the sizing – as was the case with this order as well.  I noticed that there is now a larger size available. I double checked their sizing chart. I tried on a favourite tee (from the same online company). A comfortable fit. I ordered the same size as both my existing tee and the size chart confirmed that was the correct thing to do.

I waited. For a month. This was expected  as it had to be printed first. On Saturday I took delivery of a tshirt (from a well known online tshirt company). I eagerly pulled it from the packaging, held it up and wondered… Was it the size that I ordered. It looked like a kiddy tshirt. The ‘tag’ inside confirmed it was supposed to be the correct size. I tried it on. It was waayyyyy too tight.

My mood tumbled. I was crushed. The anticipation that had built over the time fell away to reveal the angry disillusionment phase of purchasing online. I waited a while and shot off an email to the company. I refuse to pay out again for return shipping for something that was not correct, according to the information supplied. Not that the tee is any longer available. It was one of those ‘one time only’ deals.

Further ‘research’ has revealed that some of my friends have recently had the same sizing problems with the same tshirt company. Our current theory is that it has changed its supplier. I now await any reply from the company.

There has been many murmurings about inconsistent clothing sizing, not only between countries (A China size Xl is NOT the same as an Australian size XL!) but also within the same country. I can go to different shops and try on the supposed same size only too have one swim on me and the other mimic a corset.

Over the years there has been agreement on this. I have signed a couple of petitions, even attended a ‘sizing survey’ that was researching women to ascertain the current average size – and another petition resulting from this. Choice Magazine has done articles – in an effort to kick complacency in its (supposedly a different size) arse. Too often television current affairs shows do an article (most likely as it is the ‘latest trending’ topic) only to have it fall on the deaf ears of the clothing industry.

Okay, it ended in a rant. Inconsistent sizing must be stopped!

Art/Photogaphy: Trying out new digital effects:
chess 2013

toilingCostumes: making them myself ensures that they fit – the joys of ‘toile’ing – for my 18th century French costume
Reading/Writing: Two ‘flash fiction’ stories finished (under 600 words) and submitted for consideration to a children’s anthology.
- Lost- Mum’s Theory on Cats.

Falling on Deaf Ears.

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