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Monday, November 18, 2013

Steampunk Novel - Work in Progress

Saturday: day 3 of bronchitis etc. Today I should have been at a work confrence and tomorrow I was to attend Supanova (pop culture con). Instead I am in my fortress of solitude; my husband (Dearheart) is attended the convention (and posted some photos for me) in his Jayne outfit. and our daughter is at Grandma’s (which was organised before I fell ill).  I am home alone.

The coughing fits have been more sporadic, leaving me some time to think with the back door open to hear the birds and drinking a cup of tea. The weather was perfect. Mid twenties (deg C), sunshine, cool breeze. No icky, horrible dustes to screw up my sinuses. We hates nasty dustses we does, don’t we precious. 

adelaide 1880 map printed
This week I have been sorting out maps and doing some fact research. I am still awaiting replies on some nit picky things. I look for pictures of buildings, clothing and other tit bits that I need to envisage things in my head.  That is the way I roll. I get more of a handle on the setting and the characters when I can ‘see’ them in their surroundings and a map to where the characters will be traipsing about.

Armed with my map, I finally started a steampunk novel,. Now I can officially call it a WIP (work in progress). After reading many different recommendations,  I did something very unusual for me – I started at Chapter 2.  Theoretically it means I will have more of a handle on the characters, story and writing voice by the time I write the all important 1st paragraph and fist chapter.

I managed about 700 words (amongst the nanna naps and coughing fits of bronchitis.) I am happy with that number. Now I have 700 less words to write until the first draft is finished.


(Now I have admitted to it here, I will have to keep going!)

Steampunk Novel - Work in Progress

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