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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Finally I have tackled yet another daunting computery challenge. I have finally updated the Off the Board blogspot version of my blog to marry up with design of my website blog and twitter accounts. I have been reading a lot on ‘branding’ (Oh, that sounds so commercial) and ‘platform’ of writers -both emerging and published – to make it easier for my readers to identify me.

I first started with the Blogspot when I decided to take my writing seriously. At first it was to be a project to make me write daily. In almost every bit of advice I could find on writing there was the instruction to write daily. Practice, practice, practice. This was my daily writing practice.

As time went on I grew in confidence and started on my short stories. So far this year I have completed seventeen of them, mostly in the speculative fiction genre. All along the blog kept me going, practicing and giving me the confidence to do the writing and send it out – something that I have been reliably informed is done by less than 5-10% of all writers. So officially I was a writer, not just a wannabe writer.

In my most recent short stories I have returned to steampunk genre, which I am loving more and more; this has now inspired me to write a steampunk novel.

I now have two potential book ideas on the go – one steampunk and one fantasy. In a way it is all thanks to you Dear Reader. You have stuck by me and given me the incentive and the courage to keep going. Thank you. You kept reading!

Regular readers will have noticed some changes already, as I now I am focus more of my daily writing towards a novel. The Blog is still happening – just not as often.

The final change was the altering the look of my blog to match my website and twitter page. Something more me. (it had to be something purple) Now if you look for me elsewhere, I should be easier to spot. I hope you all hang around to see how I am doing! I will still be here.
Be excellent to each other.

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