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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

And now for our Christmas Viewing...

The ad blared: “Welcome to Christmas television entertainment.” 

This is really the silly season. I finally get some time to sit down to catch up on our favourite television shows, grab the remote and sit dumbfounded in front of the idiot box and begin to realise why it is called that. All of my shows have gone on ‘hiatus’ (one of the annoying realities of having shows fast tracked from the US/UK.) It took me a few days to find where Bones had wandered off to. Quite by accident, I found it loitering around another day and a new time. If I had not chanced on a station ad, I would not have known. I wonder it will be repeats. I must be an idiot to hope otherwise. At least I can rely on my books, as I can schedule them as I please.

Castle has disappeared from the airwaves altogether. It usually it televised after Bones. Nope – nowhere on the show listings. Doctor Who has been all timey whimey (not in a good way) with the split seasons then, after finally resembling something like the traditional series timing we expect in Australia, we now have to wait for the Christmas special. Argh, Withdrawl symptoms! Only three sleeps to go. Phew.

I have been enjoying Sleepy Hollow; yet again I have to learn to wait patiently through the US hiatus. Ditto for Big Bang Theory – though channel 9 can never schedule it at the same time on any given night or even the same night on different weeks. It is a bit like playing roulette. I think I will just wait for the DVD, as it gets very time consuming to troll through every night’s scheduling to find a new episode.

Thank goodness for Aunty (ABC) who have been playing new Miss Marple and Miss Fischer Mysteries. Sad news there are rumours that there could be problems with financing a new season (and possibly ABC itself). This is disappointing, as it is one of the few locally made shows that are not reality tv or soapies. The ABC have been doing us proud for quality tv.

Save the ABC!

In view of the lacklustre performance of the television stations, I have been slowly stockpiling ‘Christmas movies’ for our Christmas holiday viewing. There are the classics such as It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, more recent movies such as Love Actually, The Holiday and Hogfather. (Well, anything with a set during Christmas or with a vaguely Christmassy theme makes the list.) Maybe Die Hard may even get a look in. Almost every television series has a Christmas episode. So far I have found some for Black Adder, Buffy and Poirot. 

Of course this is yet another way to procrastinate and avoid finishing those edits that I should be doing. Maybe I should use the lack of quality tv to force ahead. I will let you know how I fared, later this week.

Until then relax, find something to keep you content and Merry Christmas.

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  1. This time of year has always been a break from regular schedules - that's no different now than it was when they didn't fast track shows ... they just sat on them longer back in the day.