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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Welcome to my Migraine - Free Writing Exercise.

More Free Writing exercises: 10 minutes.
Subject: How I feel  (just as I start having a migraine).
Twist: write in present tense (not my favourite)

In the depths of my stomach, something stirs.  At first a constant throbbing, then the feeling of weightlessness; my internal organs defy gravity, slowly turn in space then fall with a decisive jolt. All the while I resist the urge to relieve it of its contents.

My ears decide that they want to participate. Any slight movement results in the inner ear canal swishing. I hear a rush of fluid then the nausea returns –  a wave slowly encompassing my entire body.

Not to be outdone, my tongue conspires to betray me – my favourite food takes on the most peculiar of tastes. Strange phantom smells parade through my consciousness. My husband is slowly getting more frustrated as I ask him, yet again, to check for smoke, ‘that strange rubber smell’ or dead ‘somethings’.

Rounding off the senses, are vision and touch. They all clamour to be part of a discordant symphony. Light is now painful and the all too familiar (but beautiful) electric blue spots invade my peripheral vision. With it comes a most excruciating headache. This is an not unfamiliar migraine. The pain cuts into my head, accompanied by swollen sinuses, both working in unison to try to split my head open – ever so slowly. (at least that would relieve the pressure!)

Fortunately touch is less effected by this onslaught of hay-wired senses.  My tongue, now feeling thick and clumsy, finds everything difficult to pronounce. My brain searches for the appropriate word, and fails. Tea is either too hot or too cold, even when it is just right.

If I lean too heavily on my forearms, my tendons complain and the muscles ache.  My fingers still can feels and they, at least, will respond to my commands to write – as long as it does not involve changing posture.

Welcome to my migraine.

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Doctor Who

Costume: Preview pics from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special and an interesting costume.

Reading/Writing: currently trying to stave off procrastination and finish Chapter 3.

Welcome to my Migraine - Free Writing Exercise.

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