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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Costume Capers - The Mayflowers

HHMFLast night we attended a friend’s birthday party. The theme was the ’90s’. I had so many ideas but no time or spare money to do it justice. My Babylon 5 costumes no longer fit so I looked through the cupboards to find what materials I had.  Lots of purple linen. Hmmm… an excuse to make a fun costume. I just needed some bits for the hat.

I did not have time to recreate the desired costume accurately, so I decided to cheat. I used a retro pattern 1609 by Simplicity – actually a 60s dress but had the correct shape for the basic dress. I adjusted the neckline to echo the ‘V’ in the orginal movie costume. I will be able to wear  the dress again. (that is the cheat).

HHMF earringsHHMFdress1Earrings: tacky gold and large. I used some 1990s plastic buttons (3cm diameter) and hotglued them to an earring base.

Creative Milinery: All I needed to purchase was some wire and some plastic tubing (as a cheat as I did not have time to do major gluing or sewing of ribbon around the wire). Saved, yet again, by my trusty hot glue gun! (more waxing lyrical In Praise of the Hot Glue Gun.)


In the flesh:  ”Bunny, ball ball.” Hello Darwin and Minerva Mayflower! (in 30 deg C!)
HHMFDarwin and Minerva

(thanks to Emmanuel Photakis for the final photo)

Costume Capers - The Mayflowers

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