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Monday, December 30, 2013

Obligatory End of Year Reflections...

To my Dear Readers,

I hope you all had a fulfilling Christmas holiday. I also hope that you achieved at least some of the at least some of your wishes and projects for 2013. I hope all of you the best for 2014 and wish you all peace within yourself, the courage to try something new and the confidence to keep doing your best.

This year has been a big one for my writing. Most importantly, I have stopped talking about my manuscript/novel and finally started writing it!

So now for the obligatory reflection on 2013. I realised that I have achieved a lot this year:
  • started writing again
  • completed 20 (mostly speculative fiction) short stories (over 9 months) – my favourites were Day of the Dirigible, The Feline Principle and Mum’s Theory on Cats.
  • sent 15  short stories into competitions (still waiting on announcements for 5 of them
  • got short listed on An Eye for Detail
  • got up the nerve to visit a writing group
  • joined a different (newly formed) speculative Fiction writing group (called Spec Fic Chic).
  • set up webpage for Spec Fic Chic
  • started a fantasy novel (chapter 1, some history and basic plot completed)
  • put fantasy novel on hold as got sidetracked by
  • started a steampunk novel manuscript. Am very enthused.
  • Completed 2 chapters and am starting a 3rd on said steampunk manuscript. I am determined to finish before the end of 2014.
  • attended my very first writing conference – well part of one – Salisbury Writers Festival, where I caught up with some friends I have not seen for years! (also attended part of one in Gawler). I am saving up to attend one next year.
  • joined SA Writers Centre  (katdb)
  • joined Australian Writer’s Marketplace (AWM)
  • regularly attended AWM’s writing races. The next one is on 15th January.
  • created pages for my writing  on Facebook- Karen Carlisle Creations and Twitter- (@kjcarlisle)  to communicate with readers and other authors.
  • relaunched my blog Off the Artboard – for my writing, art and photography (with a little costuming thrown in)
  • created a website – Karen Carlisle/Off the Artboard  dedicated to my writing, art and photography. This is where the blog now originates and mirrored on the blog site.
  • reglularly writing on blog
  • joined Redbubble (katdb), Zazzle (katdb42) and flirted with Cafe press
  • put up tshirt, art and calenders for sale on Redbubble
  • Put up art for sale on my website
  • Created ‘Octoarm’ jewelry and bookmarks – available for sale!
  • created a range of mugs available at Zazzle (The Question is only available off my website/ Rare Notion/ in person)
  • planted a new vegetable garden
  • got back in to my photography
  • was commissioned to do a ‘Stargate’ photoshoot and photoshoot at ‘Parish Hill Wines.’
    CC13SG1 (1) ParishHillWines1

  • was commissioned (and sold) a logo for Bullina China Shop
  • was commissioned for artwork for a book on period fencing (now awaiting publication)
  • VictoriaOtto2
  • costumes: Victoria and Otto (Brian Kessinger’s creation), Donna Noble (Doctor Who), Minerva Mayflower (Hudson Hawk),
  • tidied a 2 foot pile off my desk and cleared it for use.
  • lots of internet research
  • returned to work after 5 months leave and sorting out work-related stress.
  • tried to learn how to use an overlocker!
For all of the above, I just can’t wait for 2013 to end. It has been a physical and emotional rollercoaster ride for me. I am hoping 2014 is more of an even ride.  I can do without unexpected journeys right now.

My biggest goal for the upcoming year is to finish my manuscript and then tackle the in and outs of learning (and hopefully experiencing) the process of submitting it. It is a long road but I have to start it some time.

Now that will be an adventure.

Obligatory End of Year Reflections...

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