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Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Lights of Lobethal.

Here in South Australia we have a few Christmas traditions:

  • the Christmas pagent – a parade with floats held in November, which brings Santa to town
  • The Magic Cave –  This was hosted by a city store, a place to take photos with Santa (see Christmas parade), a cave full of Christmas winter delights and choc-a-block with toys. This was originally in John Martins. When they closed David Jones took over the tradition.
  • Brewery Christmas Lights – West End Brewery sets up Christmas lights along the river that runs passed them.
  • Lobethal Christmas Lights – it seems that most of Adelaide drives (or walks) through the streets of this small town in the Adelaide Hills. There are food stalls and, this year, there was a ‘live nativity’ with singing.
  • There are many Christmas lights displays : here is a map
Why do I love Christmas light displays?
They bring the community together. They give a sense of wonder and joy. They shine a light in the darkness when all other lights could be going out. (rejigged quote intended.) This is not just felt by those who come, from miles around, to view the displays – but also for those who create them. Each year, we do a mini Christmas light display on our house. Being a good greenie, we only use solar lights. I love it when we get cars slowing down outside, to check out the lights.
This year we went to see the Lobethal lights. It is a 40 minute trip to get there. We snake in and out of the streets which are filled with children, grown ups. They crowd to see the live singing. It has a wonderful, warm fuzzy feeling of togetherness.  (they even put on bus tours to the lights – see photo)

IMG_5066 IMG_5054

IMG_5090 IMG_5085

1517817_10152084158547937_661211500_n  IMG_5109

I love Christmas – not for the farcical ‘spending holidays’ (I actually saw a sign on the local shopping centre wishing everyone a ‘Happy Spending Season’. Ugh!) it has become but for what it CAN and should be – a season of joy, thankfulness, caring and giving. I believe in the real meaning of Christmas – a great gift found in a manger. This is not for everyone. That is okay.  I just hope that more people would take the time to think of others and get a taste of that wonderful sense of hope, love and belonging. It is a time of giving – not just presents – but of ourselves, to make someone’ s life (including our’s) just that bit brighter. That is my Christmas wish to you all.

Be at Peace.

The Lights of Lobethal.

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