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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day Lethargy

All week I have been using the  ’It is almost Christmas. I deserve a break‘ excuse for my procrastination. No editing has been done.  Now it is the Boxing Day public holiday here. I slept in. A lot. I was planning on writing this last night. It did not happen. My brain was too foggy and the apathy, of too much good food, had taken over.

I feel like I have been floundering for words – any words – for my manuscript or this blog. My brain is still on holiday while I am trying to sort through an enormous bowl of spaghetti that just keeps slipping though my gasp, only to entangle itself again.

With my caffeine levels bottomed out, I am trying out my new mug (a gift from my dear husband). There is also chocolate cake and dark chocolate-coated cocoa beans, courtesy of Haighs. tea octopus

I should be getting back to editing… but today is Boxing Day. I am off to visit some friends… Maybe tomorrow.

Boxing Day Lethargy

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