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Friday, December 20, 2013

We got heat here!

For the past few days I have had an earworm – not a song but a quote, from the movie Fifth Element (complete with the accent):
“Some heat over here, man!”

Not that we need it, but that we really do have some. Does anyone want it? By 9.00am, it was already 30 degrees (Celcius). Last night the news proclaimed that it was the hottest December day in 82 years! Ick. We are in for a hot night and more heat tomorrow.  The mercury pushed 43 degrees by mid afternoon. I was wilting.

Thank goodness the power did not fail. There was a production line in our wee kitchen – with the novelty ice cube trays being filled as fast as we could empty them. (Brains, Han Solo, star trek and skull and cross bones.) Today was the first day, since last summer, that we had the air conditioner running.

It is currently 10.52 pm and the outside temperature is still 32 degrees! About 10 minutes ago, we realised that the air conditioner filters, in the bedroom, have not been cleaned since last summer. Oh, dear. I wonder how long they will take to dry. I really don’t want to have another sleepless night. It plays havoc with my writing.

Somehow, I did manage to write for my allotted four hours. Any writing is better than none. Only a good night’s sleep and clear head will tell me if I will have to do it all over again.  Rewrites can be frustrating at the best of times.

Here’s paragraph from chapter 2, to give you a taste of what I am working on :
“The smell of smoked kippers greeted Tillie as she entered the dining room. The buffet boasted a full range of delights, many of which were her favourites: bacon, fried mushrooms, eggs, toast and jam. Kippers were not high on her list.”
(copyrighted Karen Carlisle)

tea pink
Art/Photography: There is always time for tea, even in this heat.

Costume: I really should be making some new summer clothes…

Reading/Writing: Chapter 2 edits.

We got heat here!

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