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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Unlucky for Some.

Friday 13th. Unlucky for some, not for me. I had read (and observed) so many anecdotes about so called Black Fridays and the horrible things that could possibly befall me or my friends. I have read dissertations that blame the day’s misfortunes on self-fulfilling prophesies. You think you will have bad things happen today therefore they happen. As a result,  many years ago I adopted ’13′ as my lucky number. Yes, I chose it.  On purpose. Ever since, I have had exceptionally brilliant and joyous days on Friday the 13th. Today is Friday the 13th and it will be a wonderful day!

Today I woke to glorious sunshine, a deliciously cool breeze and the birds singing outside my window.  I was excited. It was writers’ group week again. Due to Christmas festivities, we were meeting a week early. Bonus! I look forward to the meetings; it has been too long since the last one.

This month, I offered the second chapter of my book for consideration and critique. It was gratifying to be told that the story is engaging and there are some points that are loved. (So the tale is not a waste of my time. Phew!)

selfie dec13I still have a long way to go with character development and motives but I now have a list of notes to consider then rewrite chapter 2. This has got my quite enthused for writing chapter 3, which has been lagging the past two weeks due to either procrastination or writers’ block.

I can’t wait til next month. I love these gals! I get so much feedback and constructive help. I feel like a learner – that I should wear a great big yellow sign emblazoned with a capital ‘L’.

Oh, and another reason for today being a wonderful day? My husband had a job interview and made it to the ‘second round’ … wish him luck!

Unlucky for Some.

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