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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Few of My Favourite Things

I am still recovering from the recent heatwave. It has been hard to get words to string together in sentences. All is not totally lost however as  I have a few (possibly fevered) ideas and concepts swirling around in the brain matter. I decided to let them continue to bubble along for a for a while, hoping they will ferment into a satisfactory brew that I can  tap later.

That decision having been made, I decided to grab my camera and snap away. What arose was a collection best described as a few of my favourite things.

1. Books – is that a surprise? 2. Broccoli seeds. These are from my garden. I don’t do this as often as I would like. I usually forget. These are heritage ones.

brocolli seeds 14view from the bed2

3 &4: View from my bed. When I wake up I see some of my garden – including lavender, trees and the sky. Not a sign of the rat race (if I ignore the electricity pole). More books – some classic books and old fashioned styled pieces to set the mood for the day.

dave derigibleview from the bed1

5: My husband and dirigibles. He managed to score this (marked down from almost $100 to $19!)  He only just beat me to it – a purple dirigible!

6. Brown paper packages tied up with string. Seriously. I have received some cool stuff via the mail, wrapped like this. The first time one of these arrived in the mail, I was touched that someone had put a little extra thought into their sale. Now I usually wrap my ebay sales up this way, hoping to share the feeling with others. This is one of my costumes (and an octoarm necklace) now awaiting to travel interstate. I hope the recipient enjoys it as much as I did.

brown paper packages   MDM OD gird

Costume Bits: the costume I have sold was based on an Allori painting. The garb diary is here.
Art Bits: I did some calligraphy for a wedding card for one of my ‘day job’ work colleagues. It was so hot that the ink was drying in the nib, as I wrote!
Writing/Reading Bits: I have just ordered a G D Falksen book – Blood in the Skies. Looking forward to reading some of the Hellfire Chronicles.

A Few of My Favourite Things

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