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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Welcome everyone!

Welcome to my new readers  for 2014!  (Here and those now cross posted at Live Journal)

This week has been busy week of posting, as I have rejigged some things on my website, thrown myself into my writing and finally found a plugin to allow me to post to Live Journal! (now if I could only find one for Facebook that would not crash!)

For my new readers, What should you  expect?
I write about my writing, art, photography, costuming and my garden. Sometimes I ramble on about my thoughts. My usual posts are 2-3 days apart. (This is an unusual week).

If you fill in the ‘subscibe’ box on the right, you can get email notifications of each new blog. The posts are also available on my webpage.

Other things to watch out for:
I sometimes post under the following headings:
Art/Photography Bits:  some visually creative  stuff that I have been doing.
Costume Bits: Often cool costume pics for wishlists or bits about what I am making at the time.
Writing Bits: Some words about my latest writing projects.

New for this year is the running total for my  manuscript – for my steampunk novel.

Manuscript Word Progress:  – recalculated numbers.
Total Words:    
Revised Words:
At 1st Draft only:
Finally… what I actually look like.


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