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Thursday, January 9, 2014

First Draft - Chapter 3!

Chapter 3 is now in progress.

I sifted through my notes made in my ideas notebook. This sits in my handbag so I can jot down ideas when the muse takes me – lunchtime at work, shopping, waiting in the car, when I wake up in the middle of the night. During the bad patch with one of the chapter 2 scene revisions, the ideas notebook had gotten quite a work out (constructive procrastination).  I now had a list of plot points, clues and tit bits to guide the writing of this chapter.

Next I typed out the handwritten notes I had scribbled a few weeks back. Several things can prompt a run. This had been a 2100 word (or so I had thought) stream of consciousness inspired during a long shower, which often gives my time for my brain to think, resulting in inspirations.  Gardening is also another catalyst for writing sprees.

1500 words later and the notes were in Scrivener. After some shuffling, changes in plot revelations and a shift in seasons,  recalculations were needed. 2100 words were now closer to 1500 words – with one and a half scenes completed. There will be four scenes in all.

With the changes, there needed to be a change of name for the chapter, it now becomes: Of Traitors, Departments and Curiosities.  Lastly, I realised that I have not mentioned the title of the manuscript (forgetful me): The Department of Curiosities.


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First Draft - Chapter 3!

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