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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Costume Plans for 2014

It is about time for me to start planning my costume calender for the year. The most difficult part is trying not to  add to the already long, long list on my wishlist. With 2013 being so hectic, I had to limit costuming to a bare minimum of three:
  • Victoria and Otto
  • Donna Noble
  • Minerva Mayflower
This year I will be restricted to using materials already existing in my cupboard.  Lots of linen, some cottons, a bit of wool and lots of ‘various’. I have many potential costumes on my wish list including movie and tv characters. During January, I will be updating my material inventory and comparing this to my wishlist to see if there are any costumes that will win out.  As always, at the top of my list are more steampunk (and possibly a dieselpunk?) outfits.

There are a few costumes that I would really love to make but I am not sure if I will be able to find the materials for them (in my stash), these include Tasha Lemm (Doctor Who), Idris (TARDIS personification in Doctor Who), Queen Victoria (Pirate Misfits), Betty Boop and Disney’s Fairy Mary (Tinkerbell)… and many, many others… sigh.

doctor Tasha Lemmidris evilQVpiratemisfits

betty boop  fairy mary

But where to begin???

If you are into costuming as well, I have  Purple Files/Florence Files – my Costuming Website and  Facebook page – for Purple Files with much more information on this side of my life. (LJ friends will know this site already).

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Costume Plans for 2014

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