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Monday, January 27, 2014

Costuming Capers

I have finally made a decision. The next local convention is in March and I need to sort out what I am going to wear! There are two days, so I need at least two costumes or be relegated to mundane wear.

The first option is wear an older costume. I have three possibilities here:
  • From Doctor Who:Fires of Pompeii - one of the Sibylline Sisterhood. This was originally made for one of the Australian Costumers’ Guild’s end of the year party. (if it still fits)
  • From Pirates of the Caribbean - Tia Dalma. This is one of my favourite costumes. I had so much fun wearing this! 
sybil donetia dalma 2012
  • Then there is my Ball costume  from last year, based on Ben Kensinger’s Otto and Victoria.  This is a forerunner right now as it has not yet had a convention outing.  It consists of a double frilled skirt, lace blouse and silk corset. I would really love to make another corset in blues/greens. We shall see.
All three of these would be suitable for the heat that is still around in March.  I really try to avoid too many layers at that time of year.

Next is the option of new costumes. I have dozens of costumes on my wish list. (sigh!) Many can be ruled out due to costs.  My requirement list for this years costume are:
  • it must be fun (I need more fun in my life)
  • minimum new materials to be bought
  • not too time consuming, as I am still trying to catch up on my (self imposed) writing schedule and
  • must be suitable for hot summer weather.
evilQVpiratemisfitsOne costume that ticks all of the above is this one – Queen Victoria from Pirates: Band of Misfits. 

I have rolls of linen – perfect for her drawers. Linen is the most amazingly comfortable and cool material! I have blue linen for the sash and some broderie anglaise edging. I just hope it is enough to trim the neckline, armholes and waist of the bodice. If not, I may have to either purchase some or rethink my options.

I have a pair of vintage white gloves (several actually) that I inherited from my grandmother-in-law. These will serve very well. A pair of well-loved vintage boots will round off the outfit nicely.

glovesvintage boot

This just leaves a crown, necklace and pair of (fake) scimitars to add as accessories. I can feel a trip to the toy store coming on, followed by some crafty work with Sculpey and cardboard.

Now, to see if this all pans out…
I will let you know my progress.

Costuming Capers

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