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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Garden Art & Website Updates

succulant tablepiece2I have been pottering in my garden again (just before the our current heatwave hit) and experimenting with my new phone camera. I have been very happy with the results. The exciting part of my garden is that it is constantly changing.  Here are some of my most recent snaps:succulant tablepiecepostpot

The blue pot was a fortuitous find - just lying there abandoned on the side of the road. I scrubbed it up and gave it a coat of 'stone-look' paint, to match the letter box. It is now waiting some succulents to inhabit it. (This may have to wait until our temperatures actually dip below 40 deg C!) And finally, some produce from our garden  as salad and greens for our dinner.
Webpage/Sales updates: I have updated my webpage with the latest info on my writing and with details of the remaining stock returned from Bullina China Shop, following its closure. These are now available as direct sales. These include canvases (12x18") $90 + postage and framed photographic prints ($60-$85).  Details are available on Buy Art/Original Photography pages. For those not living locally, my original photography is available at at my Redbubble  store.ArchParisstreet2008
 Manuscript Word Progress:
Total Words:  
Revised Words: 
At 1st draft only:

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