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Monday, January 13, 2014

Constructive Procrastination.

I was having a day where I could not get my thoughts (and words) together so decided it was worth going through some hand written notes for inspiration.  Some were almost illegible, having been written in the middle of the night. It was time to to do some typing. I started with a few paragraphs as a teaser to the story… then rewrote it.  And rewrote it.

I pulled out the manuscript and stared at it and … Oh… look a pretty shiny something on the computer…

Finally I moved onto typing character notes (all in the same place!). From there I just kept typing more on each character, their motives, their end game.  At the end of the writing spree, I had just over 1ooo words and a few new insights to my new friends (and their foes).

Time for a cup of tea but the keyboard kept calling me back. I started transcribing notes (that I finally collated from different notebooks) on the various plot points, scenes and occasional dialogue that I had jotted down over the past month.  Almost two hours later I had lost track of time but  had some quite satisfying bits down all in one place. Another 1000 words of background material have now been printed up and put with my manuscript notebook.

I may have been procrastinating a lot today but, in the end, I now have over four pages (single spaced) of very useful notes for chapter 2 and 3 (and future chapters). I think that could be considered constructive procrastination.

Manuscript Word Progress: 
Total Words:  
Revised Words: 
At 1st draft only:

Maybe I should  also add: Incidental/research words: 2000 (oh dear).

Constructive Procrastination.

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