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Saturday, January 11, 2014

I do have something to wear!

Most of us have said it: I have nothing to wear. (I even have an old tshirt that proclaims it). I have said it many times. I open my wardrobe, look at the row of full hangers and think it. A lot. What I really mean to say is:
I have nothing that I want to wear.(The cynic in me screams out: First world problems! Many people do not get an option.)

With the new year, I often get the downsizing/ culling bug. A new year. A new start. After a particularly stressful day, I decided to sort through my clothes. I pulled everything out and dumped it unceremoniously on our bed. The first thing to go were anything that were damaged – seams wearing or linings ripped.

Next was anything that  no longer fit. The hardest was anything that I had not worn for over a year. Some of these things are quite lovely but – honestly – I probably have not worn them as they do not ‘go with’ anything else. A wasted purchase. If I had not worn them in over 12 months, I most likely would not wear it over the next 12 months. (I have to admit that I did keep a few of these things…)

Some things went up for sale, others went to the Salvos or Goodwill. I try to recycle as much as I can.

After a strong cup of tea, I assessed the damage. I had a lot more room in the cupboard now. I could actually move things around and – shock, horror – see them! I found some skirts I had forgotten about. Some still had the opshop tag on them (I love opshopping!).

The best part of this is that I can now work harder on another ‘resolution’ of mine. With all the stress last year, I had got in the habit of just slipping on a pair of jeans and chucking on a tshirt (except on my ‘day job’ work days). I felt frumpy. This year, I am determined to at least try to rethink my options.

This is just in the first week (non-’day job’ work days – the weather varied from 20- 33 deg C!): Yep… I like purple.

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I do have something to wear!

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