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Friday, May 10, 2013

Commissions and Challenges.

I was working on commission design work yesterday. Could be an interesting collaboration. I am  currently designing embroidery designs (with a steampunkish bent) for a professional machine embroiderer, here in Australia. This is all new to me, so I am learning about the sizing, numbers and other requirements. I am just a little bit excited. I have not done much with machine embroidery previously and I am hoping this may pan out. Maybe this could become a more regular gig? 

Thursday, I spent and hour collating reference material and  three and a half hours designing some stand-alone designs. These can also be used together to form a type of collage. I am thinking of an underwater scene with colonists and their working sea creatures. For this project, I have had to consider all the elements as an individual image, yet related to the others. I can't leave the edges open ended. there has to be a completeness of the image and I am restricted in size to 100 mm for each image. 

There will be approximately eight to ten images in total... and there will, of course, be an octopus! As this is commission work, I will post pictures when all is finalized, so watch this space! If this collaboration is successful, I may be designing some more in the future. This could be interesting!

On a completely different note... you can now get your own image in a Star Trek figurine... just like in Big Bang Theory.. so cool!

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