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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Woman in Black.

Today, I am the woman in black.
I mourn for society.
I mourn for the Earth.
I mourn for its inhabitants.
I mourn for the loss of innocence.
I mourn for rise of apathy.
I mourn for the loss of compassion.
I mourn for a life that once was.
Today, I am the woman in black.

Everyone has their own inspirations, their own hopes, their own dreams, their own abilities and their own beliefs. Personally, I hope that people will remember how to think more of others and not just themselves. I dream of   a world not spiraling into decay. I dream of a world with renewable energy and the return of clean air to breathe. I dream of a day when there will respect for all, no matter what their faith, their race, their preferences or their social standing. All of these things dictate the life I lead and how I treat others.

I strive to repect my fellow human, yet constantly I see and hear the  bombardment of  hate, bullying and the political or economic arguements, usually intent on only improving one 'side's' lot. We are on the brink of war, not just of the nuclear kind, but of individuals struggling  to be 'top dog', whatever the cost. Why can't people just play nice, together?! 

I was blessed with intelligence, artistic gifts and I believe that I am loved. What else could I ask for?

I am me. You are you. Together we can create a change. 

Be excellent to each other.

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