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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

T-shirt Tish the Terrible!

Back in early March, I posted about Apazines and one I had contributed to for a few years (over fifteen years ago.. oh my gosh! How time flies). This apazine was based in America and was part of the Furry Fandom (anthropomorphic stylisations of animals) scene at the time. Back then there was not many Furry Fans here in Australia. Recently I have seen them at Anime and Pop Culture conventions. I am amazed at some of the costumes the fans make!

As it was an apazine, each member sent in their contribution to be added to the gestalt. Mine was entitled Off the Artboard. As part of my contribution, I did artwork inspired by my Devon Rex cat (who is now a geriatric old cat of 20 years old - the average for this breed of cat is 10-15 years!) I had previously mentioned a recurring comic strip. Unfortunately, I have been only able to recover one of them. (I know the others are somewhere!) Its title was Tish the Terrible, as she was a clever and sneaky cat responsible for the destruction of curtains and the failure of fixtures for window blinds.

This was originally inked up, after sketching the original. I tidied it up a bit and then added colour to become my latest t-shirt: Tish the Terrible. Now on Redbubble.

Another one of the pictures from my contributions based on Tish the Terrible. Yep when I was getting married...

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