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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Scribey Stuff

On a lighter subject today...

I had previously finished the pencil work for those two scrolls which are award scrolls, as part of the medieval re-enactment group I belong to. Now for the inking. I use Windsor and Newton inks. As this is a gift for deserving gentles, so it must be not only (hopefully) beautiful but durable. Hence I use waterproof inks so that the work will not run.

I love drawing with a nib pen, using the inks. I have about five different nib holders. All are slightly different in shape. Depending on how I am feeling and what I am drawing on the day, will dictate which nib holder I use. Today was my good old favourite! My preference is for Mitchell brand nibs which are purchased from Premier Art in Adelaide. They usually have them in stock.

Have you ever used parchmentine? I love it. The ink and nib, just slides over the surface of the parchmentine. It is more affordable than vellum (tanned and prepared calf hide on which many early books where illuminated and written) but looks very similar in colour (if you don't get the white version). It also has a translucence about it, reminiscent of vellum. I am told that working on parchmenetine has a similar feel to vellum. Parchmentine also has the advantage that I can use a razor blade to gently scrape off any inked mistakes, without damaging the surface of the parchmentine. I have not worked on vellum as yet but have purchased a couple of pieces I hope to get the courage to use sometime. 

I have altered the following inked drawings, to make it less obvious who they are intended for. I would prefer it to be a surprise! If you have any inkling... do not tell!!!


  1. I'm guessing parchmentine is similar to pergamenata, which is what we generally use in Europe. It's great stuff. Not *quite* as good as real vellum, but awfully close!

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  2. possibly. I have only ever known it as parchmentine. For over a year, we could not get it here in Australia (something to do with suppliers overseas apparently) but it is now available again. Hooray!

  3. I get the parchmentine from one of the art shops in Adelaide (city). I can buy them in A2(?) sized sheets.