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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Sleep. The blissful but elusive state that prevents my sanity from fraying . Sleep. The welcomed rest from my day's trials, the sinking into unconsciousness that brings rest and delight with its restorative powers. Why does it elude me? Where is the guaranteed soporific to lull me into welcomed oblivion?

My shoulder  aches, the persistent pain keeping me awake. The hip nerve sings discordantly, weaving its path down my leg reminding me of every smallest movement. Pain. Why do you not elude me? Give up your persistence. I do not mind in the least.

Yet every waking hour reminds me that I am alive though I would prefer to be reminded in another way.
Where is my energy that was once abundant? Gone are the full days of landscaping, the endless walking and  late nights without consequence. Now after just a few hours of exertion, my body betrays me. There is resentment, denial and the determination not to fail.

Yet my thoughts and resolve remain strong. Words do not fail me; they provide comfort. My imagination gives me hope. All is not lost.

Sleep. Why do you elude me?

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