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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Writing is not always glamourous.

Yesterday I managed one thousand words toward my current short story. With distractions and procrastination, I am happy with this accomplishment.  I hope the remaining five hundred word restriction will be enough to wrap it all up in a neat bow. It is not always easy to construct stories bound by a specific word limit. Usually, I let the characters write themselves. Sometimes they behave themselves and the story is completed in the allotted allowance. Sometimes not.

I have already heavily edited the first section of the story and culled  unnecessary dialogue and descriptions.   (Inner monologues can be useful sometimes). Some really badly constructed sentences are gone! They were useful, at the time, to get the plot idea on the page .. but hopefully they will never been seen by humam eyes again!  I edited yesterday's work and will review this section again with fresh eyes, possibly next week. Undoubtedly it will need more editing.

For now, I have just to wrap up the conclusion (already have basics on this), revisit two of the plot points and re-edit. I am sure I will need to lose some dialogue or possibly some description, depending on how long the conclusion is. We shall see. There is quite a bit more polishing left on this one. Hence I am now on the computer, transcribing some handwritten notes.

Today, I am taking a break and attending some May the Fourth Be With You celebrations.  We have all donned our Star Wars t-shirts (with a predilection for the Dark Side, it seems) and will be off to Burnside Library. Sean Williams is doing a reading. Maybe there will also be a little Free Comic Book Day shenanigans as well! After yesterday, I am feeling productive...

May the Force be with you.

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